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General representative of WM company for the territory of Poland, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine
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We excel in the construction of professional ice arenas, - mobile ice rinks with roofs, ice rinks for shopping centers, and seasonal skating rinks. We design and execute artificial ice rinks of any dimensions in sports facilities and locations indicated by the investors. We use the most modern, comprehensive, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technological solutions of the highest technical standards. Optionally we deliver tent structures, container-based ice rink back facilities, rubber access walkways for skaters, benches, audience seats, skate dryers and sharpeners, equipment for skate rent point facility, hockey goals, sound system, lighting, and admission systems.
WM International - Rolby

Ice resurfacers from WM and others – new and second-hand
Check out the ice-care machines we offer manufactured by the WM GmbH company from Italy. These machines are based on many years of experience and the passion of the company’s founder, Willy Mulser. WM ice resurfacers are the most technologically advanced and modern ice care machines driven with an electrical, gasoline or diesel engine. For speed skating tracks and professional hockey rinks, we propose the WM Evolution machine. Type WM 2070 Junior is designated for hockey rinks with a surface of 1,800 square meters, and the recreational ice rinks can be serviced with the WM Compact machine.

WM International - Serwis

Professional support for ice resurfacers of different manufacturers
The advantage of WM International is the quick and efficient support service. When the failure report is received by phone and confirmed by fax, we will send – within a maximum of 72 hours – a technical vehicle with trained personnel to repair the failure. WM International maintains an obligatory stock of spare parts, enabling a rapid response in order to repair all failures. We also deliver spare parts to other machine types, such as Zamboni, Dupon, Olympia, Eisbear.

Specjalizujemy się w budowie profesjonalnych aren lodowych, zadaszonych lodowisk mobilnych, lodowisk w centrach handlowych oraz ślizgawek sezonowych.
Rolby WM to technologicznie najbardziej zaawansowane i nowoczesne maszyny do pielęgnacji lodu o napędzie spalinowym, olejowym oraz elektrycznym.
Dostarczamy części zamienne również dla innych typów maszyn takich jak: Zamboni, Dupon, Olympia, Eisbear.

Rolba WM Evolution
WM Evolution
Rolba WM Junior
WM Junior
Rolba WM Compact
WM Compact
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